AlbionVC is the technology investment arm of Albion Capital.

The technology team invests from seed through to Series B in high growth companies, predominantly in the UK. The team has a particular focus on B2B software and technology enabled services.

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  • Abcodia

    Abcodia is a company engaged in the validation and discover of molecular biomarkers linked to age related diseases.

  • Academia

    Academia is an academic research sharepoint with over 4m academic members.



  • Achilles Therapeutics

    Achilles Therapeutics is designing therapies to target truncal tumour neo-antigens – unique flags to the immune system present on the surface of every cancer cell, which were first discovered by Cancer Research UK and the NIHR University College London Hospitals (UCLH) Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) funded scientists at the Francis Crick Institute and UCL Cancer Institute.

    Truncal tumour neo-antigens are present on all cancer cells in an individual patient’s tumour but not on healthy cells, so could allow scientists to target and destroy tumours without harming healthy tissues.

    Syncona and Cancer Research Technologies, with the support of UCLB and the Crick, formed Achilles Therapeutics with a round of £13.2 million ($17.5 million) led by Syncona with the CRT Pioneer Fund and UCLTF.



    Achilles Therapeutics
  • In September 2004 funds managed by Albion realised their holding in Active Hotels for a consideration of £10.4 million receivable in cash representing a 10x return.

    Active Hotels
  • Cumnor Hill

    Active Lives Care owns and operates Cumnor Hill House, a 75 bed residential care home for the elderly in Cumnor Hill in Oxford. 

    Berkley Care Group, an award winning provider of elderly care services, operates the facility.  Albion and Berkley have already established a successful partnership through owning and operating Bayfield Court, a 46 bed purpose-built facility in Chingford, Greater London.

    Active Lives Care
  • Alto Prodotto

    Alto Prodotto Wind is a partnership with Infinite Renewables, a Welsh based consultancy with whom Albion has developed several Wind Turbines on brownfield sites in Wales. These wind turbines are all operational.

    Alto Prodotto Wind
  • Antenova

    Antenova is a leading developer and supplier of high performance antennas and RF antenna modules for wireless communication and consumer electronic devices.

  • Anthropics

    Anthropics Technology Ltd is a software research and development company with a world-class record of innovation in graphics and animation software.

    Based in London, England, the company started its commercial operations by developing uniquely powerful animation software for leading companies in the mobile telecoms industry including Nokia, Vodafone and others. 

    More recently, the company has created Portrait Professional - the world's first intelligent portrait retouching software. Based on extensive in-house research, Portrait Professional has been trained with hundreds of photos of people, so it actually knows about human appearance and beauty. Consequently, Portrait Professional is massively faster and easier to use than general purpose touch-up software. 

  • Funds managed by Albion invested £4.2 million to acquire Applecroft, a 75 bed residential care home for the elderly, in July 2003. Applecroft is located in Dover, Kent. The investment was sold in April 2006 at a significant profit.

    Applecroft Care Homes
  • Arecor

    Arecor is a biopharmaceutical formulation company, that is developing ground breaking biological drugs that will transform the treatment of diabetes. Through its technology platform Arecor is creating faster working, more effective drugs that advance progress towards the creation of an artificial pancreas.

  • Aridhia

    Aridhia has built a sector-leading, differentiated informatics platform with cutting-edge analytical tools to support health care and research. It has established an international client base and a network of major strategic partners. Aridhia’s informatics platform integrates very large and complex datasets so as to make meaningful and flexible analysis possible while addressing the unique complexities of healthcare. The platform uses big data analytics to understand the relationship between healthcare events and serves two main customer needs: the effective management of chronic diseases today; and the shift to stratified medicine in the future, where a patient’s molecular profile is used to tailor preventative measures or treatments based on the likelihood of response to treatment. 

    Aridhia Informatics
  • AstronauTx lab image.jpg

    AstronauTx Ltd, a biotech company developing new medicines for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases, announces £1 million investment from the UCL Technology Fund.

  • Astroscreen

    Astroscreen uses the latest machine learning techniques and human intelligence to detect astroturfing campaigns at 'Tweet Zero'.

  • Atego, a developer of model-based systems and software engineering applications was acquired by PTC (Nasdaq:PTC) in 2014.

  • Funds managed by Albion invested a total of £3.1 million in the company in a two year period from July 2002. The investment was used to acquire the technology and set up the production of Pinzgauer all-terrain vehicles in the UK. Following the award of several important military contracts, the company was sold in April 2005 to Stewart & Stevenson and is now part of BAE Systems.

    Automotive Technik
  • AVORA uses the power of machine learning and augmented intelligence to enable a new way of working with data. Its algorithms unveil insights and intelligence to businesses in seconds, versus the days if not months it would normally take.

  • Bango
  • Barleycroft Care Home developed a purpose built elderly care home for 80 residents in Romford, Greater London. The investment was exited in April 2006. 

    Barleycroft Care Home
  • Black Swan Data Limited

    Black Swan has developed a predictive analytics platform which uses internal and external data to provide consumer insight to the world's leading brands

    Black Swan Data
  • Blackbay specialises in the development and implementation of real-time mobile enterprise solutions and services for supply chain and field service operations. Albion exited Blackbay in April 2017

  • Wind Turbine

    Albion Community Power and its partner Infinite Renewables have built a new wind turbine on a brownfield site at Blaencilgoed, South Wales. The wind turbine at Blaencilgoed is a 500kW single turbine is on an industrial site supplying electricity to a nearby quarry. The location and energy delivery of this turbine is an example of “brownfield wind” which is a specialism of Albion Community Power and Infinite Renewables.

    “Albion Community Power is pleased to be developing projects that help local communities take more control of their energy.” Volker Beckers, Chairman of ACP

  • BloomsburyAI is automating expertise by building systems able to capture knowledge from unstructured and structured data and allow interrogative access in natural language. Built on the research of founder Guillaume Bouchard and UCL’s Sebastian Riedel the company has a world leading machine reading capability.

    The UCL Technology Fund invested in Bloomsbury AI’s seed round together with IQ Capital, Fly Ventures and SeedCamp amonst others.

    Bloomsbury AI
  • The Bold Pub Company and its portfolio of 30 freehold properties was sold to leisure operator Calco Midlands in 2007. 

    Bold Pub Company Limited
  • Bramshott Grange, Liphook

    Located in Liphook, Hampshire and adjacent to the successful Bramshott Place retirement village, Bramshott Grange provides first class facilities for 67 residents and be operated under the Dormy Care brand. Opened in 2018, the home employs approximately 70 full time staff and provides a range of facilities including a bistro, cinema, library, private dining room, hairdressing salon and several comfortable lounges. The home also benefits from extensive secure, landscaped gardens.

    Part of Albion Care Communities.

    Bramshott Grange - Luxury Care Home
  • Bravo Inns owns and operate 40 public houses based in the North of England. The focus is on acquiring tired community pubs which are then extensively refurbished. NewRiver bought Bravo Inns for £17.9m in December 2019.

    Bravo Inns
  • Broadoaks VCT built and operated a 30 bedroom purpose-built home for residents with learning disabilities in March, Cambridgeshire. The company was successfully sold in March 2004.

    Broadoaks VCT Limited
  • Albion Care Communities has completed contruction on Brockington House, its 70-bed care home. The luxury care home opened in August 2016 and offers superior facilities including a café, gym, cinema room.

    Part of Albion Care Communities.

    Brockington House - Luxury Care Home
  • Bruachaig Hydro

    Albion Community Power (ACP) has built a run-of-river scheme, Abhainn Bruachaig, near Kinlochewe.

    Bruachaig is a medium-head 500 kW scheme located close to Kinlochewe in the western highlands.

    The scheme is operational. 

    Bruachaig Hydro
  • Employing a buy and build strategy, Careforce rapidly became a leading national provider of home care services. The company floated on AIM, which allowed the Albion funds to realise a significant part of their investment while continuing as a major shareholder. In 2007 the company was acquired by Mears Group Plc.

    Careforce Staffing
  • Cassium Technologies was a provider of IT services predominantly to telco operators. The company grew organically and by acquisitions and was acquired by Netstore Plc in 2005.

    Cassium Technologies
  • Celldex is an innovative biotechnology company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of targeted immunotherapies. The technology combines vaccines with monoclonal antibodies and immune modulators as precision targeted immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer and infectious and inflammatory diseases.

    Celldex Therapeutics
  • Celoxica

    Celoxica delivers ultra-low latency market data access and order execution solutions to high frequency financial traders. 

  • Hydro

    Albion Community Power has built a hydro scheme at Allt Coire Chaorach. It is a 2MW capacity high-head, run of river scheme. The scheme is operational. 

    Chaorach Hydro
  • Chonais Hydro

    Albion is in partnership with Perth-based developer, Green Highland Renewables, has built a 2MW hydropower scheme on the Allt A’Chonais, close to Loch Carron in the Scottish Highlands.

    The scheme is operational. It is generating an average 7GWh of electricity per year, enough to power up to 2,000 households.

    Chonais Hydro
  • Churchcroft VCT built and operated a 34 bedroom purpose-built home for residents with learning disabilities in Witham, Essex. The company was successfully sold in March 2004.

    Churchcroft VCT Limited

    Cisiv is a leading provider of software for non-interventional studies for the pharmaceutical industry. Albion funds invested in the company in 2013. 

  • Albion initially invested £1.2 million alongside City Screen Limited, the UK's leading art-house cinema operator, to develop the Cambridge Arts Picturehouse in 1999 and subsequently invested further funds to develop the Picturehouse at FACT in Liverpool in 2002, the Greenwich Picturehouse in 2004, The Ritzy in Brixton and the Exeter Picturehouse in 2005 and Cinema City in Norwich in 2007, with additional funds invested in 2009 to enable the cinemas to become fully digital.

    In total Albion invested approximately £8.6 million and received total proceeds including loan stock interest, loan stock repayments and other payments over the course of the investment of over £22 million, a return of approximately 2.6x.

    City Screen Cinemas
  • Clear Review is a cloud-based performance management platform that promotes frequent employee feedback and continuous employee-manager conversations.

    Clear Review
  • Cluster Seven

    Cluster Seven is an enterprise software company that provides secure auditing and management of spreadsheets and user-developed applications.

    Cluster Seven
  • Compass

    Compass Supply Solutions offers drinks logistics services to the air, cruise and rail industries.

    Compass Supply Solutions
  • Convertr

    Convertr is a customer acquisition platform which tracks advertising leads all the way to sale. It improves lead quality, accelerates sales and measures exact ROI all in realtime.

    Convertr Media
  • Credit Kudos

    Credit Kudos is a UK fintech using open banking to provide more accurate credit scoring. Credit Kudos is securely analysing bank account data via open banking, enabling lenders to make faster and more informed credit decisions.

    Credit Kudos
  • Albion first invested in Dexela in May 2006. Dexela had developed technology to optimise the use of low-dose X-rays for 3-Dimensional imaging, focused initially on the detection of breast cancer. At the time the Company had low revenues and 6 employees.

    Following investment Dexela built and trialled its proprietary X-Ray imaging system. It also developed a portfolio of software modules for imaging reconstruction and visualisation. Further investment in 2008 allowed the company to acquire a detector company, enabling the development of its own range of flat-panel CMOS-based digital detectors, optimised for use in low-dose X-Ray applications. Following launch in 2009, these detectors quickly became market leading, leading to rapid, profitable growth. The Company was sold to Perkin Elmer, a US-based global healthcare technology company, in June 2011. Albion invested £2.6 million in the Company.

    Albion sold Dexela in June 2008. 

  • Biogas Pipe

    Albion Community Power and its partner AlphaGen Renewables announce the biogas project in Docking, Norfolk is now generating enough energy to power 120 homes.

    Docking is a landfill gas project under a 20 year contract with Norfolk County Council to install and run a microgeneration landfill gas engine on the existing site. The project represents the first step towards a portfolio of high yielding, small scale biogas projects with AlphGen Renewables.

  • Dolphin Nurseries is building a group of private children’s day nurseries in the south-east and London. The holding was sold in 2004.

    Dolphin Nurseries
  • Dragon Hydro has developed a 375kW hydroelectric power plant in the county of Gwynedd, Wales. The plant was commissioned in October 2013 and is now operational. 

    Dragon Hydro
  • Drummond Court VCT built and operated a 36 bedroom home for residents with learning disabilities in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. The company was successfully sold in March 2004.

    Drummond Court VCT Limited
  • Dysis is a medical device company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets imaging systems for the non-invasive, in-vivo detection of cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions.

    Dysis Medical
  • Earnside Energy Limited

    Earnside Energy operates a food waste to energy anaerobic digestion and composting plant near Perth in Scotland. 

    Earnside Energy Limited
  • Egress is the leading cloud encryption platform ensuring data security for email, file transfer and collaboration environments. 

    Egress Software Technologies
  • Elateral

    Elateral enables clients to transform the way they manage the distribution, usage, adaptation and execution of marketing communications materials.

    Elateral Holdings
  • Advanced Technologies

    Non-conventional machining for industrial gas turbines for power and aerospace sectors and turbochargers for the automotive sector

    ELE Advanced Technologies
  • Evolutions is a full service post production house providing a complete range of video, audio, grading and dvd services.

  • Exco InTouch

    Exco InTouch is a leading electronic Patient Reported Outcomes and patient engagement software business.

    Exco InTouch
  • Fastrack Resources handles the recruitment of temporary staff in the rail sector. Albion sold Fastrack Resources in January 2003. 

    Fastrack Resources
  • Forward Health

    Forward Health is a secure mobile messaging and workflow tool for doctors and care workers. They have established themselves as the leading secure mobile communication platform in the NHS.

    Forward Health
  • Photograph of Foxhunters carehome in Abergavenny

    Albion Care Communities is a 70 bed care home in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales operating under the Dormy Care brand. The luxury care home offers superior facilities including a café, gym, cinema room, library, hairdressing salon and a variety of lounges and dining rooms.The home benefits from extensive landscaped gardens and ample parking.

    Part of Albion Care Communities.



    Foxhunters - Luxury Care Home
  • Freeline Therapeutics

    Freeline Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company based at UCL's Royal Free London Hospital and is focused on the development of liver-directed gene therapies.

    Gene therapy has the potential to transform lives for people with severe diseases by providing a long-lasting, safe and reliable source of enzymes to the blood. The Company’s next-generation AAV gene therapy platform has been developed by Professor Amit Nathwani, Professor of Haematology at UCLB, and it builds on the successful haemophilia B phase I/II trial conducted by him with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis. The results of the study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, demonstrated that all ten treated haemophilia B patients showed safe and sustained expression of blood clotting Factor IX after a single administration. The company will develop and commercialise gene therapies for bleeding and other debilitating disorders. Freeline’s shareholders include Syncona LLP, UCLB and UCL Technology Fund.


    Freeline Therapeutics
  • Fryers Walk VCT built and operated a 34 bedroom home for residents with learning disabilities in Thetford, Norfolk. The company was successfully sold in March 2004.

    Fryers Walk VCT Limited
  • G.Network provides ultra-fast fibre optic broadband to SMEs in central London. The Company installs and owns their own fibre network and provides fast, reliable, ‘Fibre to the Premises’ (FTTP) at speeds up to 10GB. 

  • December 2009 funds managed by Albion realised their holding in Geronimo Inns VCT realising a total return of over £2m in just 18 months.

    Geronimo Inns VCT
  • Allt

    Albion has built a 1MW hydropower scheme on the Allt Gharagain, close to Loch Gowan in Western Scotland.

    The scheme is operational. It is generating an average 3.1GWh of electricity per year, enough to power up to 850 households.


    Gharagain Hydro
  • Wind Turbine

    Albion Community Power announces another project in association with Infinite Renewables, a 1.5MW wind turbine project on land next to the Goathill Quarry, Easter Bucklyvive, Fife, Scotland.

  • Grapeshot

    Grapeshot is a London and New York based ad tech company providing keyword technology that matches advertising messages to relevant online content. Improving engagement between advertising and audiences, delivers more efficient and effective campaigns to both advertisers and content publishers. Grapeshot was acquired by Oracle Corporation in May 2018 for a 10x return to Albion VCTs.

  • Vibrant Energy is one of the leading providers of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) in the UK.

    Green Energy Property Services
  • Greenenerco is a partnership with Infinite Renewables, a Welsh based consultancy with whom Albion is to develop a single 500kW Wind Turbine in Wales. The wind turbine is operational.

  • Provided occupational health services to large corporate customers.

    Grosvenor Health
  • Haemostatix

    Haemostatix is developing first-in-class topical clotting agents for the treatment of bleeding. The technology is based on a novel class of molecule that binds directly to fibrinogen to promote haemostasis. The lead candidate PeproStat, an ultra-fast topical haemostat addressing a $1bn market globally. Albion sold its stake in Haemostatix to Ergomed in May 2016.

  • Hawkwell VCT owned and operated the Hawkwell House hotel in Oxford. The hotel was extended and refurbished and the company was successfully sold in October 2002.


    Hawkwell VCT Limited

     Hazy AI automates the process of anonymizing data for companies that hold vast swathes of customer information.

  • Healios is an online platform delivering family centric psychological care primarily to children and adolescents. The Company provides assessment, treatment and early intervention for a variety of mental health conditions. 

    Why we invested

    The rise of mental ill health in the UK, and particularly its prevalence amongst children, has led to an increasing recognition that traditional mental health service delivery models are inadequate. By uniquely pairing technology with clinical and technical expertise, Healios is able to efficiently deliver high quality family-centric care to a severely underserved population.

    Healios Limited
  • Hilson

    Hilson Moran provides consultancy in building services, sustainability, facilities management and other services and is firmly established as a leading service engineer to commercial office, retail, leisure, hotel and residential projects. Completed projects include “The Gherkin”, Wembley Arena and the Olympic Village at Stratford. The company employs more than 250 staff based in London, Manchester, Farnborough, Abu Dhabi and Qatar. Albion Capital sold its stake in Hilson Moran to Tyrens generating a 3x return and 43% IRR

    Hilson Moran
  • House of Dorchester, a premium chocolatier was acquired by Charbonel et Walker in 2014.

    House Of Dorchester
  • Pay as U gym

    Hussle (previously known as PayAsUGym) is a fast growing business that enables its customers to visit a wide range of health and fitness clubs on a flexible basis, without the need to subscribe for long term memberships or undergo inductions and fitness assessments. Hussle was founded in 2010 by Jamie Ward and Neil Harmsworth. To date the company has signed up more than 2,500 health and fitness facilities. 

  • IGEM-Therapeutics

    IGEM is an innovative immuno-oncology company targeting cancer with the IgE class of antibodies, which have evolved to kill tissue-dwelling multicellular parasites and exhibit several key features that make it ideal for treating solid tumours

    IGEM Therapeutics
  • InCrowd Sports has developed the leading mobile fan engagement platform for fans of live sports. 

    InCrowd Sports
  • Innovation Broking is an independent commercial insurance broker providing corporate insurance broking services for companies and organisations seeking board level advice.

    Innovation Broking
  • In 2007 AVL engineered a profitable exit to a secondary MBO.

    J&S Marine
  • Kew Green VCT

    Kew Green VCT (Stansted) Limited owns the long leasehold interest in and operates the 254 bedroom Holiday Inn Express hotel at London Stansted airport.

    Kew Green VCT (Stansted) Limited
  • Koru Kids is an online market place for nannies. The business launched in July 2017 with an initial focus on matching parents with after-school nannies in London. 

    Koru Kids Limited
  • Lab M has long enjoyed an international reputation for the high quality and range of its dehydrated culture media, routinely used in microbiology laboratories around the world. It was acquired by Neogen Corporation in 2015.

    Lab M Holdings
  • Leisure Links International
  • Liatrie Burn

    ACP has built a run-of-river hydro scheme, Liatre Burn, on the Glen Cannich estate. The 500 kW high-head scheme is located near Loch Mullardoch in Glen Cannich, some 35km south-west of Inverness. 

    The scheme is operational.


    Liatrie Burn Hydro
  • Locum's Nest is a web platform and mobile application which allows NHS Trusts to manage their requirements for Locum doctors in a more efficient and cost effective way. 

    Locum's Nest Limited
  • Lombardy Court VCT built and operated a 24 bedroom home for residents with learning disabilities in Ipswich, Suffolk. The company was successfully sold in March 2004.

    Lombardy Court VCT Limited
  • Masters

    Established in 1984, Masters is principally engaged in the compliant sourcing of a broad range of established branded prescription drugs (or their generic equivalent) and pharmacy medicines. Albion funds successfully exited their investment in Masters in March 2017 

    Masters Speciality Pharma
  • Matr

    Matr is a proprietary online teaching platform that connects low cost, high quality tutoring supply from emerging countries to children in need in developed economies, making one-to-one learning affordable and scalable to reach the mass market. To date (Dec'18) they have delivered nearly 800,000 lessons to nearly 50,000 children, and are now working UCL to develop a revolutionary AI platform which augments the tutors’ skills and ensures every session is as effective as possible. Matr also provides the same model for schools via their Third Space Learning brand. 

    Matr - - for families Third Space Learning - - for schools

  • Mediagamma

    MediaGamma is developing an enterprise grade reinforcement machine learning platform

    MediaGamma, a specialist in AI and Machine Learning solutions, is developing an enterprise grade reinforcement machine learning platform, delivering machine decisions in under 5 milliseconds for a new class of business problems. A spin-out from UCL’s Computer Science department founded on research by Dr. Jun Wang, MediaGamma already has partnered with a 1st tier telecoms provider to deliver high value data products and are processing over 700GB of data per day.

    By enhancing data and decision making they are building a strong pipeline across telecoms, adtech and finance.

  • MeiraGTx

    MeiraGTx is a vertically integrated, clinical stage gene therapy company with four ongoing clinical programs and a broad pipeline of preclinical and research programs. MeiraGTx has core capabilities in viral vector design and optimization and gene therapy manufacturing, as well as a potentially transformative gene regulation technology. Led by an experienced management team, MeiraGTx has taken a portfolio approach by licensing, acquiring and developing technologies that give depth across both product candidates and indications.

  • Memstar

    Memsstar (formerly called Point 35 Microstructures Ltd) is a technology leader in MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) processing, with their proprietary memsstar® range of specialist etch and deposition equipment and unique process integration knowledge.

  • Mi-Pay

    Mi-Pay specialises in delivering fully outsourced on-line payment solutions to digital ecommerce clients, primarily in the mobile sector. The primary focus is processing pre-paid top ups online on behalf of customers in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

  • Mirada medical

    Mirada Medical, a spin out from Siemens, has developed software that allows images from multiple sources to be combined to provide greater clinical certainty in diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

    Mirada Medical
  • Mount House School is a senior independent co-educational day school in Hadley Wood, near Barnet in North London, located in a Grade II* Listed former convent which was first adapted and established as a school in 1903. With Albion investment the management team are investing in both new facilities and modernisation of the existing site to enhance the student experience. The school is run by an experienced team of professionals who treat every student as an individual and support pupils to strive for academic excellence within a clear framework of personalised pastoral care and well-being. 

    Mount House School
  • MPP Global offers a cloud billing platform for enterprise subscription businesses in the media, sport and retail sectors.

    MPP Global
  • My Meds & Me provides a web-based solution for the capture of adverse event, product complaint and targeted medical information for pharmaceutical companies. 

    My Meds & Me
  • Albion has sold UK based mental health hospital Nelson House to Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and Care UK for £8 million.

    Nelson House
  • The company owned and operated Bayfield Court, a 46 bed care home for the elderly located in Chingford, Essex.  The home won a number of care industry awards during the period of Albion’s investment and was sold successfully in December 2014 to one of the largest industry consolidators. 

    Oakland Care Centre
  • Odin

    Odin Vision is developing the next generation of AI enabled applications for endoscopic procedures.

    Odin Vision
  • Odyssey Glory Mill developed and operated the Odyssey Glory Mill health and fitness club near Beaconsfield. The company was successfully sold in December 2004.

    Odyssey Glory Mill Limited
  • OmPrompt

    OmPrompt offers customer automation management solutions that streamline order-to-cash processes for global manufacturing companies.

    OmPrompt launched its award-winning cloud-based service in 2005. OmPrompt now leads the market for customer automation management in the consumer goods, medical device and logistics sectors. Customers include Groupe Danone, Kellogg's, Kimberly-Clark, Corporation, Unilever, Medtronic inc., Smiths Medical, Stryker Corporation, DSV and CEVA.

  • Opta Sportsdata is a leading European provider of sports data and analysis. Opta uses proprietary technology to collect and analyses statistical data for a range of sports. 

    Albion backed Opta from February 2008. In total the funds had invested approximately £2.1 million over three rounds of funding. As a result of the sale, funds managed by Albion have generated a return of over three times their investment.

    Opta Sportsdata
  • In 2010 Albion invested £6.5m in Orchard Portman to acquire a nursing home and constructed a 23 bed psychiatric care hospital as an extension to the existing building. The sale of Orchard Portman will result in the creation of one single psychiatric care hospital with a total of 46 beds, renamed Cygnet Hospital Taunton. 


    Orchard Portman
  • Orchard Therapeutics

    Orchard Therapeutics is a biotechnology company dedicated to bringing transformative gene therapies to patients with serious and life-threatening orphan diseases.

    Orchard Therapeutics is a spin-out from the Institute of Child Health (ICH) at UCL, commercialising a gene therapy platform with the potential to cure a range of rare childhood genetic disorders in a single treatment. The company’s programmes use the potential of ex-vivo autologous haematopoietic stem cell gene therapies to restore normal gene function in severe and life-threatening inherited disorders, including immunodeficiencies and a range of neurological disorders, and have demonstrated excellent safety and efficacy in ongoing clinical trials. Orchard’s shareholders include F-Prime Ventures, UCLB and the UCL Technology Fund.



    Orchard Therapeutics
  • Oviva

    Oviva is a digital health business providing medical nutritional counselling. The company has developed mobile technology solutions that enable its dietitians to provide superior care in a highly efficient way.  Oviva is headquartered in Zurich and currently has operations in Germany and the UK.

  • Oxford Immunotec

    Oxford Immunotec is a medical diagnostics company developing new tests for various diseases based on its innovative, patented T cell measurement technology. The company was founded in 2002 based on world-leading research at the University of Oxford. The company's main product is the T-SPOT.TB test, a cellular blood test for the detection of active and latent TB infection. Having vastly improved characteristics, the T-SPOT.TB is replacing TB skin testing in most healthcare systems worldwide.

    Oxford Immunotec
  • Oxsensis

    Oxsensis is an industrial technology company pioneering a new breed of optical instrumentation for precision controls in super harsh environments, with a range of “clean-tech” applications such as power generation applications. Their revolutionary next-generation instrumentation is designed to enable improved engine efficiency for cleaner power. Some of the world’s leading aerospace and power generation companies are closely involved in the development of their range of fibre-optic instrumentation. Established in 2003 and based in Oxfordshire, Oxsensis is a winner of The Carbon Trust Innovation Award and the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) Innovation Award.

  • Palm Tree Technology

    Palm Tree Technology has developed LiveEnsure™, a cloud-based mobile authentication solution. The business, headquartered in Palo Alto, authenticates users in consumer and B2B environments.

    Palm Tree Technology
  • Panaseer Limited

    Panaseer is the first Continuous Controls Monitoring software platform to give CISOs visibility of all assets, and the confidence that security controls are working effectively. It provides a trusted, unified view across business lines, regions and technology platforms. Deployed by major financial institutions in the US and UK, the Panaseer platform empowers CISOs and security teams to implement and measure effective cybersecurity risk reduction. 

  • Peakdale Molecular offers a range of products and services to its pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers to accelerate their drug discovery initiatives. The Company's approach is based upon its strength in synthetic organic chemistry and the desire to further innovath through novel compounds and methodologies.

    Peakdale Molecular
  • Perpetum

    Perpetuum is an industrial technology company that has developed a unique energy harvesting device (micro generator) that generates electricity from vibration.The technology has been used to develop a product which harvest electricity from vibrations in industrial machinery to power wireless sensors on that machinery.

  • Leading academics at UCL and University of Bristol with expertise in the fields of computer science, experimental and theoretical physics, and maths have joined forces to create PhaseCraft.

  • Phrasee is a marketing technology platform that uses AI, namely Natural Language Generation and Machine Learning to generate optimised marketing campaigns. Phrasee's AI writes email subject lines, Facebook ads and push notifications that perform better than human-written versions consistently delivering outstanding results for global brands. 

  • Photograph of Pine Martin Grange carehome

    Our care home at the site of the old Sandford St Martin’s School near Wareham opened in the summer of 2017 under the Dormy Care brand. The home provides luxury facilities for 64 residents and includes a café, library, cinema room, hairdressing salon, a dedicated activities room, a variety of lounges and secure garden space. 

    Part of Albion Care Communities.

    Pine Martin Grange - Luxury Care Home
  • Premier VCT (Bristol) owned and operated the Holiday Inn Express near Bristol Templemeads station. The company was successfully sold in September 2002.

    Premier VCT (Bristol) Limited
  • Premier VCT (Dartford) built and operated the Holiday Inn Express near Dartford bridge. It was initally built as an 80 bedroom hotel and then extended to 120 bedrooms. The company was successfully sold in November 2000.

    Premier VCT (Dartford) Limited
  • Premier VCT (Mailbox) owned the long leasehold interest in and operated the 90 bedroom Ramada hotel in the Mailbox in Birmingham. It originally opened as a Days Inn before becoming a Days Hotel and was later rebadged as a Ramada hotel. Albion sold Premier VCT (Mailbox) in 2007. 

    Premier VCT (Mailbox) Limited
  • Prime Care operates on the South Coast of England, providing home care services to elderly and disabled clients. The company has won a number of presigeous awards for the quality of care it delivers.

    Prime Care Holdings
  • Proveca

    Proveca focuses on the re-engineering of existing generic medicines to make them appropriate for use by young people. The company is developing and commercialisng medicines for children in the fields of cardiology, neurology and pain management.

  • PSCA International operates an information portal for the public sector in the United Kingdom. The company also publishes various print and online publications related to public service events and public sector recruitment and provides data services. In 2008 AVL achieved a profitable exit to a secondary MBO.

    PSCA International
  • PSE

    PSE provides world leading predictative modelling software and services to many of the largest companies in the world, including over 60 Fortune 500 companies. PSE brings a step-change in the technology available to develop, design, optimise and innovate.

  • Abbey Garden Centre

    Q Gardens owns and operates the seven acre freehold Abbey Garden Centre at Fareham in Hampshire. We sold the business for an undisclosed sum in December 2016. 

    Q Gardens
  • Quantexa uses the latest advances in big data analytics and artificial intelligence to help its banking, insurance and government customers detect financial crime.

  • Quell Therapeutics

    Quell has been established with the aim of developing engineered T regulatory cell therapies. Quell will seek to utilise the power of Treg cells to advance therapies for the management and treatment of a range of solid organ transplant and autoimmune conditions.

    Quell Therapeutics
  • Radnor House

    Radnor House is a 7 - 18 independent co-educational day school in Twickenham, located in stunning historic buildings on the banks of the River Thames. Formerly the site of Alexander Pope’s mansion where he entertained the literary elite of his day, the buildings have been transformed into a school combining a sense of history with the latest educational provision. The school employs an outstanding team of professionals who have developed a highly successful and innovative approach to education provision.

    Radnor House, Sevenoaks is a co-educational independent school for students aged three to eighteen, located near Sevenoaks, Kent.

    In Radnor House, Sevenoaks, Albion and the Radnor House School management team have identified a unique opportunity to expand the Radnor House model by enhancing the school’s culture of academic achievement and first-rate pastoral care, as well as making the necessary investment to provide new facilities and modernise existing ones where necessary. Radnor House, Sevenoaks used to be known as Combe Bank School

    Radnor House School
  • Raremark

    Raremark, is a real-world data collection platform focused on rare diseases, their technology helps rare disease companies identify, engage and learn from patients, dramatically improving data collection to inform drug development.

  • Red-M is an expert wireless consultancy and systems integrator, enabling organisations to fully realise the benefits of wireless systems by providing insight into the opportunities and challenges of current and future wireless technologies and creating mission critical wireless networks. Red-M’s capabilities span all wireless technologies which it applies across a wide range of blue-chip customers and locations including shopping centres, stadia, railway stations and hospitals. Red-M also provide Network Services which offer a suite of last mile and building to building radio based Ethernet connectivity solutions. Red-M was sold to Team Telecom Group in 2012.

  • Regenerco

    Regenerco Renewable Energy Ltd was formed in 2010 in partnership with Industrial Solar. It provides small businesses and councils access to free rooftop solar installations providing them with sustainable source of power, and providing the Albion funds with a longterm, inflation protected source of income

    Regenerco Renewable Energy
  • RFI Global Services is a leading provider of testing, approval and consultancy services to the global technology market, including data security, cellular, wireless and smart card technologies. Albion sold the company in June 2010. 

    RFI Global Services (RFI)
  • River Arkaig Hydro Plant

    Albion Community Power has built a 500kW low head hydro project on the River Arkaig, Achnacarry, Spean Bridge, Scotland. The scheme is operational.

    River Arkaig Hydro
  • Ryefield Court

    Albion have committed up to £6.75 million for the development of a purpose-built residential care home for the elderly, the new facility will be located in Hillingdon, Greater London, providing hotel style accommodation including a bistro, private dining room, library and spa. Berkley Care Group, an award winning provider of elderly care services, will operate the new facility. 

    Ryefield Court
  • SBD

    Albion has invested £1.5m in automotive technology specialists SBD, headquartered in Milton Keynes with offices in North America, Japan and India. 

    SBD are specialists in automotive technology, providing independent  research, evaluation and strategic services to 95% of the world’s leading car manufacturers.

  • Shinfield Care Home

    Shinfield Lodge is a care home in Reading that offers residents the chance to experience luxury living and exceptional care. Shinfield provides residential, dementia, respite and day care in a stimulating, beautiful environment.

    Shinfield Lodge Care Ltd
  • Sift is a leading digital publisher operating in three sectors: accounting & finance, small business and enterprise.

    Sift Media
  • Silent

    Silent Herdsman, a developer of neck-collar monitoring system for dairy cows was acquired by Afimilk Limited, an Israeli based, global provider of dairy farm management solutions in 2016.

    Silent Herdsman
  • Spares Finder

    Founded in 1998, Sparesfinder provides data solutions to international enterprises with significant inventory management needs, including parts management and data cleansing, across multiple locations and multiple IT systems. 

    Clients include world leaders in the petrochemical, tobacco and mining industries.

  • Street by street

    Street by Street Solar Programme was formed in 2010 in partnership with Engensa. It provides homeowners access to free rooftop solar installations providing them with sustainable source of power, and provides the Albion funds with a long term, inflation protected source of income

    Street by Street Solar Programme
  • Data management services and software

    Swetenhams Marketing Services
  • Symetrics

    Symetrica specializes in the detection and identification of radioisotopes for Security Applications.

    Working predominantly with prime contractors and government agencies, Symetrica design, develop, test and deploy detection equipment for use by law enforcement personnel, customs officers, the emergency services, military personnel and first responders.

  • Syrencot is transforming into one of the most exclusive wedding venues in Wiltshire, with weddings taking place from spring 2019.

  • Wind Turbine

    Albion Community Power has committed £1.8m to fund the development of a 500kW single wind turbine on a freehold site in Tredegar, in South Wales. in partnership with Infinite Renewables.

    The site is located on the land next to Waldron Commercials, Tafarnaubach Industrial Estate.  The turbine is already produce power and is predicted to generate over 1,400MWh of electricity per year.  ACP, which is the majority shareholder in the project, has forecast an inflation linked IRR of 13% for a period of 20 years.

  • Tender Loving Childcare operates purpose built nurseries predominantly positioned on NHS hospital sites. The company operates an innovative business model enabling it to provide a high quality environment while minimising the cost of development of each nursery. The investment was sold to Learning Care Group in 2008.

    Tender Loving Childcare Ltd
  • The Bear Hungerford Limited owns and operates the 41 bedroom Bear Hotel in Hungerford. Albion sold The Bear Hungerford in March 2013. 

    The Bear Hotel Hungerford
  • Charnwood

    The Charnwood Pub Company owned and operated 10 public houses in central England. All have now been sold. 


    The Charnwood Pub Co.
  • The Crown Hotel

    The Crown Hotel in the centre of Harrogate is a 115 bedroom hotel with extensive conference and banqueting facilities which has been restored to its former glory. Albion exited the Crown Hotel in August 2017

    The Crown Hotel Harrogate Limited
  • The Evewell is a pioneering women’s health clinic that provides care covering all aspects of a woman’s reproductive and gynaecological health, located on Harley Street.  

    The centre, focuses on fertility and IVF treatments through a fully integrated suite of women’s health services that differentiates it from other clinics. The clinic is equipped with the latest technologies for screening and treatment, and is set in a discrete and luxurious environment that provides a best-in-class service.

    The Evewell is led by medical director Colin Davis, a renowned surgeon in laparoscopic and endoscopic treatments, with a focus on quality of service provision and a commitment to addressing a gap in the market for holistic fertility treatments.

    The Evewell
  • The Place Sandwich owned and operated the 37 bedroom Bell Hotel in Sandwich. Following extensive refurbishment and revival of the hotel's trading, the company was sold to Shepherd Neame in September 2011.

    The Place Sandwich VCT Limited
  • The Printworks Health Club & Spa was acquired by SDI Property in 2015. 


    The Printworks Health Club
  • The Stanwell

    The Stanwell Hotel is located near Heathrow Terminal 5 and has been extended and refurbished to create a 52 bedroom boutique hotel.

    The Stanwell Hotel Limited
  • The Weybridge Club Limited

    The Weybridge Club is set in 30 acres of Surrey countryside between Weybridge and Walton. Members can indulge in a luxury spa therapy, relax by the swimming pool or work away any stress in our fully equipped gym.

    Albion invested in The Weybridge Club in April 2005. Albion sold The Weybridge Club in June 2017. 


    The Weybridge Club Limited
  • Thebigword provides translation and localisation services worldwide. Using innovative technologies, the company has become one of the fastest growing businesses in its industry.

    Thebigworld Group
  • Tower Bridge Health & Fitness Club was acquired by Third Space in 2014. The sale generated an attractive return for the Albion funds and the founders. 

    Tower Bridge Health & Fitness Club
  • TransFICC Image


    TransFICC is a specialist provider of low-latency connectivity and workflow services for Fixed Income and Derivatives Markets.

  • uMotif

    uMotif provides a patient engagement and data capture platform for use in real world and observational research.

  • Uniservity

    The company provides learning technology solutions to schools in the UK and Australia. Albion exited its investment in September 2015. 

  • Albion have successfully exited its investment in Vivacta Limited, a medical diagnostic company developing proprietary sensors and readers for rapid, point-of-care (PoC) testing.

  • Workshare, a leading provider of document collaboration software was acquired by Skydox, backed by Scottish Equity Partners and The Business Growth Fund in 2013.

  • xceleron

    Xceleron has pioneered the use of AMS analysis in pre-clinical and clinical development. AMS is the world's most sensitive analytical instrument and can provide critical human metabolism data at an early stage in the development process. The bulk of the operations are now run out of Maryland, US. Xceleron was sold to Pharmaron in January 2017. 

  • Relayware

    Zift Solutions offers technology that automates channel marketing, sales and operations processes. It provides the service and strategic insight modern B2B organisations require to simplify channel management and maximise profitability from their entire channel ecosystem. A global business, Zift Solutions is headquartered in Jersey City, USA and has offices in the UK, Australia and Romania.

    Zift Solutions