Albion Capital

Albion Capital Group LLP is a leading independent investment manager with a long-term record of backing change and growth. The wider Albion Group has funds of around £1 billion under investment management or administration.

Combining a thematic, returns-driven investment approach with specialist expertise, we target those sectors where we see opportunities for the creation of long term value. Albion’s focus is on longevity as partners in order to maximise the returns for our investors and the management teams whom we support.

Founded in 1996, Albion manages or provides administration services to the following:

Six Venture Capital Trusts with assets of c.£440m

UCL Technology Funds with commitments of c.£85m

Albion Community Power with assets of c.£105m

Albion Care Communities with assets of c.£75m

Albion Real Assets Fund with commitments of c.£13.5m

OLIM Investment Managers, an Albion subsidiary, has assets under management of c.£260m

If you are seeking funding and would like to discuss this with us, please email us at

Venture Capital Trusts

Albion Capital manages six VCTs which have assets of c.£440 million invested across c.65 companies. The Albion team invests anywhere between £250,000 and £12 million into high growth businesses in a wide range of sectors including Healthcare, Technology (See specialist Investment section below), Education & Alternative Energy. If you are a current shareholder or are looking to invest in Albion VCTs please go to the VCT Hub.

Technology Investment Team

AlbionVC is the specialist technology investment arm of Albion Capital Group LLP and, on behalf of the VCTs, invests in B2B software, healthcare and deeptech. Albion has 20+ years’ experience investing in technology and over 50 tech investments within its portfolio. If you are seeking investment please visit

The AlbionVC team manage the UCL Technology Funds in collaboration with UCLB. For more information please visit

Asset-Based Investment Team

Albion Capital Group has a specialist investment team dealing with asset-based investments across the VCTs and across a number of funds. Albion Real Assets Fund has a diverse asset-based remit, Albion Community Power specialises in the renewables sector and Albion Care Communities specialises in care facilities for the older generation. For more information please contact

OLIM Investment Managers

OLIM is a specialist investment management company founded in 1986 that makes long-term investments in quoted equities on behalf of Charity Investors, Private Investors, Wealth Managers and Institutional Investors. Albion Capital Group LLP acquired OLIM Investment Managers in November 2016, For more information please visit