“Our investments aim to be socially positive, partly because it’s simply the right thing to do, and partly because if something is going to be truly lasting, it needs to go some way, however modest, to enhancing the way that we live.”


Patrick Reeve, Chairman
Albion Capital


We at Albion believe that sustainability is paramount to long-term success. Companies that integrate sustainable practices provide better offerings to their customers, allow all employees to thrive, consider unintended consequences of their actions and incorporate interests of all stakeholders. Such practices build enduring success, thus delivering better returns to investors.


Our aim is to deliver value and generate positive outcomes for our clients, entrepreneurs and society. We incorporate ESG across all three pillars of our business; Firm, Portfolio and Founders. Examples of some our initiatives include:

  • We aim to be a net zero firm and, true to our entrepreneurial DNA, have invested in carbon removal Biochar offsets, an emerging technological innovation
  • We partner with Fair HQ to establish diverse and inclusive practices
  • Integrate ESG principles across the full investment cycle to ensure an appropriate risk-return profile for our investments
  • Measure the sustainability and societal impact of our investments
  • Develop sustainable long term strategies for our portfolio companies
  • We adopt internal practices aimed at improving female entrepreneurs’ access to the tools, resources and finance needed to grow their businesses
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