Albion Development VCT PLC

The Annual General Meeting of Albion Development VCT PLC was held by webinar on the Hopin platform on 12 May 2021 at 12:00. We had 171 shareholders registered for the event and 114 attended live. To view the livestream video of the event, see the AGM Q&As or the Managers' presentation please go to the AGM update button on the right of the screen.

Albion Development VCT PLC is a venture capital trust which raised a total of £33.3 million through the issue of Ordinary shares between 1999 and 2004 (the C shares merged with the Ordinary shares in 2007) and a further £6.3 million was raised through the issue of D shares in 2010. The D shares converted to ordinary shares on 31 March 2015.

The Company’s investment policy is intended to provide investors with a regular and predicable source of dividend income combined with the prospects of long term capital growth. This is achieved by establishing a diversified portfolio of holdings in smaller, unquoted companies whilst at the same time selecting and structuring investments in such a way as to reduce the risks normally associated with investment in such companies.

Dividends paid and recently declared since launch:
Ordinary shares
Total Return:
Ordinary shares
*Where applicable, Net Asset Value is reduced by dividend declared.
Financial calendar:
Financial year end
Last dividend paid
Last dividend paid out
2.06p per share
Half yearly
Next dividend due
The London Stock Exchange code for the VCT is AADV


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