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The Albion VCTs Shareholder Seminar 2021

The Albion VCTs Shareholder Seminar was held at the Butchers' Hall in central London on 12 November 2021.


Shareholder Seminar 2021 presentations: 

The Economic Climate – Prof. Trevor Williams. Read here.  

Healios's Growth Story – Richard Andrews, CEO & Founder, Healios. Read here.   

Quantexa: Making Your Data Meaningful – Vishal Marria, CEO & Founder, Quantexa. Read here.  

Platform Update – Mark Dolman, Computershare. Read here      

ESG & Responsible Investing – Katya Pogudina, Head of Marketing, Albion Capital. Read here.  

Albion VCTs Review, Portfolio & Prospects  – Will Fraser-Allen, Managing Partner, Albion Capital. Read here.