About Us

Our investments aim to be socially positive, partly because it’s simply the right thing to do, and partly because if something is going to be truly lasting, it needs to go some way, however modest, to enhancing the way that we live.

Patrick Reeve, Chairman, Albion Capital Group LLP

Albion Care Communities

Albion Care Communities develops and operates luxury care homes for the elderly.

The business was was founded by a team with many years’ experience of developing and operating elderly care homes including a number of the Partners of Albion.

The Albion Care Communities group of luxury care homes is expanding.  For more details of our portfolio of properties, locations and other details of current projects please go to the Albion Care Communities website: www.albioncarecommunities.co.uk

Albion Community Power

Albion Community Power PLC is a power generation company developing community-scale renewable energy projects in the UK.

The Company builds, owns and operates a range of renewable energy projects using proven technologies including hydroelectricity, on-shore wind, biogas and AD. Its aim is to become one of the UK’s largest producers of community scale renewable energy, developing renewable energy projects capable of powering over 35,000 homes.

UCL Technology Fund

The UCL Technology Fund is dedicated to investing in intellectual property commercialisation opportunities arising out of UCL’s world class research base. Albion is managing and administering the UCL Technology Fund, which has raised £50 million, in partnership with UCL’s  technology transfer company UCL Business with whom we have a long-standing relationship including co-investment.

For more information please go to the UCLTechnology Fund website or call Andrew Elder on 020 7601 1850