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Game-changing battery start-up Gaussion receives backing from BGF and UCL Technology Fund

Gaussion, a UCL spinout that has developed new technology to allow ultrafast and safe battery charging, has raised £2.9m in a seed investment round led by BGF and UCL Technology Fund (UCLTF), which is managed by Albion in collaboration with UCL Business.

Shortening battery charging times is important not only for EVs but also other applications such as phones and power tools. Although lithium-ion batteries were developed in the 1980s, the damage inflicted by repeated fast-charging has remained an issue with no cost-effective solutions. With EV usage increasing, slow charging at home or in car parks is unsustainable for mass market scenarios. Current chargers can shorten charging times to under an hour but repeated use is prevented to limit battery degradation and protect battery warranties.  

High market demand is being driven by the need to provide over £100bn of charging infrastructure by 2035 in Europe alone. With looming net zero targets, it is an area of strategic importance for governments and vehicle manufacturers alike.

Gaussion’s patent-pending technology is primed to disrupt the global EV market by unlocking maximum power for re-charging while minimising degradation. The technology can unlock truly ‘rapid’ charging on existing commercially available battery cells and has wide ranging applications.

Dr Thomas Heenan, co-founder and CEO of Gaussion, said:

Gaussion’s vision is to bring affordable rapid charging to the mass market by allowing the average EV to achieve a week’s worth of driving in a sub-10-minute charge. Our commercially viable technology represents a novel, cost-effective, rapid charging solution for both today’s batteries and future battery technologies.


Dr Chun Tan, co-founder and COO of Gaussion, added:

We’ve built a world-leading team that is now working to commercialise this innovation as rapidly as possible. We will leverage this investment to establish a state-of-the-art R&D facility in central London, to allow future growth and innovation.


Gaussion was first conceived by Dr Heenan and Dr Tan back in 2017 at the UCL Electrochemical Innovation Lab. Inspired by their earlier work using particle accelerators to analyse energy materials such as batteries and fuel cells, they saw an opportunity to apply similar technologies to tackle commercial challenges.

David Grimm, Investment Director at Albion on UCLTF, said:

Gaussion has the potential to be a truly disruptive global company that pushes the world to a more mobile and sustainable future. We have been highly impressed with the progresses the team have achieved in a short space of time, and look forward to supporting them alongside BGF.