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    Brytlyt – provider of the world’s fastest data analytics and visualisation technology. £2.5m of a £3.8m Series A funding
Brytlyt’s algorithms allows businesses to leverage the force multiplier of Graphics Processing Units with processing, sometimes up to 100x faster than alternative databases. Their serverless platform enables them to be the first database to run both Structured Query Language and Artiicial Intelligence workloads on the same data, on the same hardware, at the same time. These architectural decisions, together with a powerful visualisation engine and pay-as-you-go model, have the potential to completely transform data science and data ops for teams. We believe Brytlyt will empower organisations of all shapes and sizes to run previously inaccessible analytic workloads.
Organisations that can extract insights from big data in a timely manner will be the leaders of tomorrow. Our investment in Brytlyt is in firm support of that thesis. We are therefore delighted to welcome Brytlyt, and visionary founder Richard into our growing portfolio of cutting-edge data companies that includes Quantexa, Solidatus, Elliptic and more.
    Cat McDonald,
Investment Manager
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