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A very warm welcome to our spring 2022 newsletter
Will Fraser Allen - Managing Partner
Two years after the Covid pandemic we here at Albion can once again look forward to the future as things slowly revert to normal, or a ‘new normal’ I should say. Our team is back in the office under a hybrid working model, balancing working in the office and working from home. Like many businesses we are keen to retain the positive elements of working during successive periods of lockdown. Our AGMs will continue to run virtually to cater to a wider audience, as we have had record levels of engagement from shareholders who were previously unable to attend. More and more shareholders have come forward to opt for electronic communications, which is fantastic to see as that is the fastest and most sustainable way for us to correspond with you. For those shareholders who have not yet signed up for electronic communications, I would encourage you to do so.
We are particularly excited about seeing our shareholders in person at our annual seminar, which will take place on 23rd November. Please see the details herein and reserve your place as early as possible.
The year has got off to a busy start with the launch of our Top Up Offers across all Albion VCTs. I have been encouraged by the support from
both existing and new shareholders to date. As the UK looks to build
back stronger from the pandemic, VCTs, with their national footprint,
play an important part in unlocking the UK’s growth potential. Your investment into our VCTs makes it possible to provide capital to talented entrepreneurs building high growth and innovative businesses, despite the economic and geopolitical challenges that face all of us.
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