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 New investments
Since our last issue of the newsletter, we have invested in two new opportunities:
Perchpeek – a disruptor in the antiquated relocation market. £3.8m of a £8m Series A funding
  Relocating can be one of the most desirable experiences for working professionals but also a painful process. There are about 4 million movers annually yet only 5% are supported by relocation agents. Why? Being a highly manual and high friction service, it is expensive and mostly reserved for highly paid executives.
Enter digital relocation platform, Perchpeek, which provides a far better alternative to traditional support at an attractive price
point. The step-by-step app has, within a short timeframe, helped over 5,000 movers across over 25 geographies and unsurprisingly corporates are quickly jumping on-board.
The pandemic has accelerated the shift in the way people choose to work and live. Relocation is one of the most desirable experiences for working professionals, yet it remains painful and archaic. PerchPeek is the long-awaited disruption that will help expand the relocation market and enable an increasingly mobile and global talent pool. We are excited to partner with Paul and the team of Perchies, whose fire and pace continue to impress us every day and we look forward to supporting them as
the company grows the team and scales internationally.
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Nadine Torbey,
Investment Manager

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