Diversity & Inclusion Mission Statement

Diversity & inclusion statement:

When we founded Albion is 1996, we fostered a culture that welcomes everyone, where everyone can succeed regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability, or socio-economic background. 

We recognise that having varied perspectives helps generate better ideas and thus facilitates our core purpose to discover, invest in and support entrepreneurs who create category leading businesses that make a positive contribution to society. However, we also recognise that we have room to become more diverse and further benefit from the advantages that brings. As we look to lead Albion into the future, we are committed to aligning diversity and inclusion with the core business goals.

We are not looking to make progress overnight or implement quick fixes with one-off training sessions, instead we recognise that diversity, equity and inclusion are big-picture problems that require structural changes throughout the organisation, providing benefit for the long-term. Therefore, we are focusing on improving existing process and policies that go hand in hand with our cultural norms and beliefs. These include improvements such as updating our recruitment process with changes designed to help eliminate bias and broaden our sourcing of candidates. To help diverse candidates thrive at Albion new onboarding and performance review processes have been implemented and going forward devotion to equality & fairness will be both documented in internal manuals and policies and implemented consistently across the organisation.

At Albion we achieve success by working as one team, where all employees feel valued, respected, and engaged. We believe that teams perform best when individual team members feel safe to bring their whole selves to work.