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Albion’s stable of VCTs are now open for new investment, with capacity of £50m across the six VCTs and over-allotment facilities of up to £30m. Our VCTs are designed to provide investors with an income producing, tax-efficient exposure to a diverse portfolio of early-stage companies that can drive enduring value.


It is important that investors read and fully understand the key risks involved before deciding to invest. Please see the comprehensive list of RISK FACTORS and other information in the PROSPECTUS below.


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£31.0m out of

£50m raised

As at 25/11/2022

Why Albion VCTs?

Strong track record
With 26 years of venture
capital investing under
our belt, we have the
experience to navigate
difficult markets.
A portfolio of c.60 companies
providing exposure to Albion's
target sectors diversified
across businesses from early
stage to scale up.
Growth focused
Focused on B2B
software, healthcare
and mission critical
tech enabled services.
Tax-free income
Targeting a regular
and predictable
income yield of
around 5% with the
prospect of longer-
term capital growth.

How it works

Amounts subscribed will be invested equally across each of the six Albion VCTs, or investors can opt to invest varying amounts across individual VCTs, subject to:

  • Minimum investment of £6,000
  • Minimum subscription of £1,000 for each VCT
How it works

Should a VCT reach full capacity, the default option is that investment will be spread equally across the remaining open VCTs.

Important reads before investing

Key Documents

VCTs at a glance

Diversification benefits
As VCTs invest in early-
stage companies, they
typically have low
correlation to listed
Access innovation
Household names such
as started
life as a VCT-backed
Attractive return prospects
Early-stage companies
can be risky but those
that do make it can
flourish into some of the
most exciting businesses.
Tax benefits
  • 30% upfront income tax relief (if held for five years)
  • Tax-free dividends
  • No capital gains tax upon sale
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Our preference is for you to submit an application form online and this is generally the quickest and easiest method for most applicants. If you are unable to complete the online application form, you can download a pdf application form HERE. Please complete and sign the form and email it to


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