Renumeration policy

Remuneration policy statement

Remuneration policy statement: Albion Capital’s remuneration policies, procedures and practices have been designed to promote sound and effective risk management and do not encourage risk-taking which is inconsistent with the risk profiles or rules of the funds we manage. The polices are designed to encourage the alignment of the risks taken by staff with those of the funds, the investors in the funds and the firm itself and in line with the business strategy, objectives, values, and interests of the firm. Albion Capital also has policies and procedures in place to mitigate any potential conflict that may arise.

Annual staff appraisals are carried out to assess individual performance, both financial and non-financial criteria are considered when assessing performance.

We believe that sound and effective risk management will not encourage excessive risk taking with respect to sustainability risks. Our policies and procedures on mitigating conflicts are consistent with the integration of sustainability risk in the firm’s investment process. Further, the annual staff appraisals include a compliance review of any breaches or errors of any of our 
policies or procedures, including the ESG policy.