Perpetuum, together with Southeastern Railways (London), won the 2014 Railway Industry Innovation Award for Engineering and Safety. The Railway Industry Innovation Award is considered one of the top national awards in the rail industry. 

Baroness Kramer, Minister of State for Transport, presided over the event where both companies were recognised for their collaboration to develop a new system that aided Southeastern Railway’s Condition Based Maintenance (CBM). Perpetuum’s technology is an industry first that uses a system powered by harvesting vibration energy to measure wheelbearing degradation. 

“Our selection for this award demonstrates the confidence, support, belief and proof in the real benefits of our services and products,” shared Steve Turley, Perpetuum CEO. “This technology can aid in extending rail asset life, increase operational function, and improve safety due to better anticipating failures. 

” The Perpetuum system provides a Bearing Health Index (BHI) that allows the technical team at Southeastern to monitor bearing wear with live data. Up to 1.8 million sets of temperature and vibration data are collected each day, and refined into the BHI readings for easier analysis. Automatic email alerts are sent to the technical team when vibration levels move beyond set parameters. 

"With a growing skills shortage and increasing traffic demands through unprecedented investment, there is a heightened need to raise productivity in the depots over the coming five years," shared Justin Southcombe, Perpetuum Commercial Director. "Condition Based Maintenance will be part of the solution through enhanced prioritisation of work, themechanisation of asset inspection, and the automaton of analysis. 

" Perpetuum and Southeastern have identified additional potential benefits and are working together to develop the technology further, including a Wheel Health Index system that will monitor wheel health and wear, as well as gearbox, traction motor and track monitoring.