Hazy included in Forbes - 15 Machine Learning Companies To Watch In Europe

Hazy -  has been listed by Forbes as one of the Top 15 European Machine Learning companies to watch. Hazy is an AI spin-out from UCL and is one of the businesses invested in by the UCLTechnology Fund which is managed by Albion in collaboration with UCLB. Hazy is a platform that helps businesses identify and anonymise personal data in large datasets whilst maintaining its utility, enabling Hazy’s customers to remain GDPR compliant. Hazy uses ML techniques to capture trends, patterns, and correlations in data in a single, compressed model, and then use this model to generate synthetic data that maintains the statistics and actual value in the data whilst being demonstrably private. Founded by Harry Keen and James Arthur and Luke Robinson, Hazy has announced funding of $3.3m, raised over 4 rounds from backers including M12, Notion, Amadeus, as well as Albion.