Albion Invests £1.5 million in an MBO of Mirada Medical from Siemens

Albion announces that it is investing £1.5 million into medical software company Mirada Medical to fund its MBO from Siemens. Mirada has developed software that allows medical images from multiple sources to provide greater clinical accuracy in diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions. Currently, scanning from MRI, CT or PET has specific advantages and disadvantages when imaging certain parts of the body. MRI is good at imaging organs and soft issues but less good at viewing tumours and bones, which a CT scan can show. Mirada’s software enables images from to be fused together to show, for instance, not only where a cancer is, but also where it is relative to other organs or how rapidly it is developing. Fusing images provides surgeons or radiographers with a complete picture of internal structures increasing their ability to successfully treat conditions. Mirada is the third medical scanning firm that

Albion has invested in following Dexela, which produces and 3D mammograms and Forth Photoincs that has developed technology that enhances diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer. David Gudgin, Partner, Albion, said: “Healthcare is a focus of investment for us. Mirada as out third medical scanning investment demonstrates the advantages of the sector. All three companies operate in the high growth area of medical imaging in different clinical areas using differing technologies. We believe this MBO is an attractive opportunity to re-establish Mirada Medical an a leading force in molecular imaging. Hugh Bettesworth Chief Executive, said: “The team at Albion demonstrated an excellent working knowledge of the healthcare sector. As a stand alone company if gives us great confidence to know that our investors genuinely understand our business and so can add real value through their experience and commitment to hands on support.” *Albion is a partnership formed by the Close Ventures management team in January 2009 when it acquired the business of Close Ventures from Close Brothers Group plc.