Our Funds

Albion Capital Group has funds of around £1 billion under investment management or administration. The Albion team invests anywhere between £250,000 and £12 million into high growth businesses. Albion manages or administers the following:

Six venture capital trusts with assets of c.£440 million
The UCL Technology Fund with commitments of c.£50 million - www.ucltf.co.uk
Albion Community Power with commitments of c.£105 million - www.albioncommunitypower.co.uk
Albion Care Communities with commitments of c.£75 million - www.albioncarecommunities.co.uk
OLIM Investment Managers with commitments of c.£260 million - www.olim.co.uk

For more information on the VCTs please click on the individual fund below:


Please be aware that shareholders are sometimes contacted in connection with increasingly sophisticated but fraudulent financial scams. Shareholders are contacted by a phone call or an email which normally originates from outside of the UK, often claiming or appearing to come from a corporate finance firm. The caller or emailer may sound professional and will typically offer to buy your VCT shares at an inflated price in connection with a possible take-over of that VCT and ask you to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Websites referred to in documents or emails appear, at first glance, to belong to credible corporate finance firms.

The claims made are false and are invariably an attempt to obtain more information from you with a view to extracting money. If you are contacted, we recommend that you do not respond with any personal information and say you are not interested. Your contact information has not been passed on by us.

We maintain a page on our website in relation to fraud advice: www.albion.capital/investor-centre/fraud-advice

If you are in doubt, we recommend that you seek financial advice before taking any action. You can also call Albion Capital on 020 7601 1850 if you wish to check whether any claims made are genuine.


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