Our Funds

Albion Capital Group has funds of just over £1 billion under investment management or administration. The Albion team invests anywhere between £250,000 and £12 million into high growth businesses. Albion manages or administers the following:

Six venture capital trusts with assets of c.£400 million
The UCL Technology Fund with commitments of c.£50 million - www.ucltf.co.uk
Albion Community Power with commitments of c.£80 million - www.albioncommunitypower.co.uk
Albion Care Communities with commitments of c.£50 million - www.albioncarecommunities.co.uk
OLIM Investment Managers with commitments of c.£495 million - www.olim.co.uk

For more information on the VCTs please click on the individual fund below:

Current Offers

The Albion VCTs Prospectus Top Up Offers 2018/19 are now CLOSED.