Oxsensis is an industrial technology company pioneering a new breed of optical instrumentation for precision controls in super harsh environments, with a range of “clean-tech” applications such as power generation applications. Their revolutionary next-generation instrumentation is designed to enable improved engine efficiency for cleaner power. Some of the world’s leading aerospace and power generation companies are closely involved in the development of their range of fibre-optic instrumentation. Established in 2003 and based in Oxfordshire, Oxsensis is a winner of The Carbon Trust Innovation Award and the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) Innovation Award.

Oxsensis and GE Aviation Joint Technology and Development Agreement
Parker Aerospace and Oxsensis to Develop Highly Accurate and Stable Fiber Optic Pressure Sensor
Oxsensis wins UK funding bid for Oil and Gas Industry sensor with GE Measurement and Control Solutions
Oxsensis names Martin Jay CBE as Chairman
Oxsensis wins major 2009 Carbon Trust Award. Second time winner in Carbon Trust Innovation Awards
Parker Aerospace and Oxsensis Launch an Exclusive Aero Engine Agreement for Advanced Sensor Technology
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