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What values do you think are important when working in venture capital?
Being curious about new ways of thinking and doing things, being trusting and trustworthy to the founders we work with, and bringing energy to every discussion we have. I joined Albion because they have an incredible focus on building long term relationships with founders and I think these values are essential to work through the highs and the lows of any start-up journey.
What area of healthcare are you most excited about at the moment?
I would say it is the way that technology is actually changing how care is being delivered and how research is being conducted to find new treatments and therapies. It is really cool when technology becomes a vehicle to disrupt how the process is actually conducted. In my opinion, this is where we really can impact patient lives in huge ways. This is another reason I was so excited to join the Albion team as its healthcare portfolio is one of the largest in Europe.
What would you like to change the most about healthcare ecosystem?
The appetite of the ecosystem to try new ways of doing things and adopt new technologies and digital health tools even faster. It is totally understandable why in healthcare we must be more risk-averse but at the same time I have seen first hand that being used as an excuse in a time-stretched environment to not
try something new. One positive to come out of the pandemic is we all learnt, in all parts of our lives, that technology can enable more efficient and effective ways of doing things and I think in healthcare this is particularly exciting if we manage to build on that momentum.
Best piece of advice you have given or received?
My grandfather always told me “Knowledge is not about what you know, it is about knowing where to find it.” I always liked this piece of advice as it made me realise you do not need to be an expert in everything but knowing how to engage your team, network and supporters will always result in much better solutions.
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