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Tell us about yourself
I’m Molly – the newest member of the investment team with a focus on health technology. I first became interested in health tech as a medical student when I was part of the team that set up the Oxford Reproductive Tissue Cryopreservation programme.
It became clear very quickly that the biggest challenge in setting up this new, national service was actually the need for technology to connect hospitals. This led to me taking on leadership roles in two early stage health tech start ups where I realised that health tech is a
very complex challenge – it is not only about building scalable technology with clinical security, but also about building products that your users actually want to use, be it doctors or patients! I then spent time at McKinsey where I worked within the healthcare practice across healthcare systems, services and technologies.
I actually first met some of the Albion team when I was a founding team member of one of their portfolio companies, Pando. Therefore, I am so delighted to join the amazing Albion where I hope to bring my high energy, fun-loving and impact-driven nature to the investment team.
Did you always want to be a healthcare investor?
In my personal statement for medical school, the first line was “I want to find the cures for cancer”. This was something that an amazing Clinical Oncologist I had the chance to complete work experience with taught me – there will not be one cure for all the different types of cancer so it has to be lots of cures.
After this, I started doing a lot of fundraising for
charities and I think, when reflect on this, it drove my belief that funding the best initiatives supported them in making an impact across the healthcare system. Applying this logic to health tech, I hope I can find the most exciting technologies, build great relationships with the businesses and support them in impacting patient care and ultimately saving lives.
What excites you about partnering with early stage entrepreneurs?
Early stage entrepreneurial ventures are fuelled by energy, passion and relentless problem solving. I have experienced this first hand and I have also seen the impact that the right technologies and tools can have in delivering care on the front line. It is exciting to see the biggest problems facing healthcare being tackled with boundless motivation and the vision that things can actually be done differently. The infectious energy, belief and passion that early stage entrepreneurs show is why I jump out of bed each morning – it is really cool to be part of the journey to do things differently and better.
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