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   Q What is the pipeline of new investments looking like?
A Overall, the investment pipeline is strong. The growth of entrepreneurs looking to build valuable businesses in recent years has, in turn, led to an increase in the opportunities the Albion team is considering. We are also seeing a growing number of opportunities to provide follow on funding to our existing portfolio companies as they grow. The long term nature of a VCT makes it an ideal investment partner to support businesses as they develop new products and enter new markets.
Early exits, however lucrative, creates a need for Albion to identify new smaller replacement investments which is resource intensive.
A Enabling businesses to grow significantly prior to sale continues to be our core objective. However, there will be instances where a set of circumstances arise and there is an opportunity to sell earlier, but that is not our ambition. Supporting businesses over a long period of time is the most successful way to maximise returns for shareholders.
That being said, Albion has been adding new members to the investment team so are now substantially resourced to ensure that realised investments are replaced with new and exciting opportunities.
 Q What is your approach to holding investments for the long term?
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