Albion Community Power

Albion Community Power PLC is a power generation company developing community-scale renewable energy projects in the UK.

The Company builds, owns and operates a range of renewable energy projects using proven technologies including hydroelectricity, on-shore wind, biogas and AD. Its aim is to become one of the UK’s largest producers of community scale renewable energy, developing renewable energy projects capable of powering over 35,000 homes.

Albion Community Power has two executive Directors and three non-executive Directors who have considerable experience in the renewable energy sector. The executive Directors’ services are being made available by Albion, which has a strong expertise in renewable energy projects. 

Albion has an 18 year track record of investing in high yielding asset backed businesses. Albion has financed £42 million in renewable energy companies through its VCTs.

Albion is working with project partners on a number of renewable energy projects and further projects have been identified which will be suitable for ownership and operation by Albion Community Power.