Socially Responsible

Patrick Reeve, Managing Partner - Albion Capital, Chairman – OLIM Investment Managers

In the empty aftermath of the Great War, the novelist John Buchan tried to find a sense of reason and direction with the words, “the only way that we can hope to repay our debt to the Past, is by ensuring that the Future is in debt to us”. And there’s something about this concept that seems... read more
Investors are underestimating and underpricing digital disruption

Ed Lascelles, Partner, Head of Technology Investment – Albion Capital

In 1943 the Chairman of IBM at the time famously said “I think there is a world market for maybe 5 computers.” In 1999 the then Chairman of IBM said “Amazon is a very interesting retail concept but wait till you see what Wal-Mart is gearing up to do…IBM is already generating more revenue, and... read more
Perfect Storm

Andrew Elder, Partner, Head of Healthcare Investment – Albion Capital

Created by a confluence of unforeseen circumstances and leading to drastic outcomes, a perfect storm can occur in any complex system. Hollywood told the tragic story of a fatal weather version, but the confluence is not always destructive - one could argue that a perfect storm of rapidly converging... read more
The Good Schools Guide

Emil Gigov, Partner, Head of Education and Care Home Investment – Albion Capital

Back in September 2011 Albion invested in its first school. Today, with over 400 students on the roll, it is now well established and we are very proud that, only five years after the first students were admitted to Radnor House School, it has been included in The Good Schools Guide with a very... read more
Albion funded care homes achieve top ratings

Emil Gigov, Partner, Head of Education and Care Home Investment – Albion Capital

Much has been said in the media over the past year about the state of the elderly care sector and most of it makes difficult reading.  Government funding is under severe pressure at a time when demand for care places is increasing rapidly due to demographic change. While government funded fees are... read more