Adam Chirkowski, Investment Manager
Water, gas and electricity have been the long-standing triumvirate of utilities. Recognised as such, the UK built infrastructure to cope with ever increasing demands. We moved from taking buckets to the river to turning on a tap in the house and letting the water flow. Society, driven by... read more
David Grimm, Investment Manager – UCL Technology Fund
‘Move fast and break things’, until recently Facebook’s internal motto, is a go-to mantra for the start-up community. It resonates with entrepreneurs who have their idea and just need some capital to start executing.  ‘How quickly can you move to completion?’ tends to be the first question we get... read more
Andrew Elder, Partner, Head of Healthcare Investment – Albion Capital
Some of the most exciting mega-trends shaping the future of healthcare are gathering pace. From harnessing the body’s own cell systems to combat disease (for example using cell & gene therapies),  to “’digital health” and the use of increasingly powerful Artificial Intelligence-enhanced... read more
  Robert Henderson, Investment Manager
We recently led a £6.5 million Series A investment round into PayAsUGym (“PAUG”), the online fitness marketplace, alongside existing co-investors Concentric, Channel 4 and individual angels. Since our original seed investment in 2014 PAUG has gone through a number of product iterations and has now... read more
David Grimm
David Grimm, Investment Manager – UCL Technology Fund
The early stage investment sector in London has never been more vibrant. There are more early stage investors, start-ups, entrepreneurs and accelerators than ever before. At the UCL Technology Fund we’re excited by the dynamism of the market. We can invest at the earliest stages (we’re even... read more
Nadine Torbay
Since I started working in this industry, I have been asking myself the question: as VCs are we visionaries or are we dictators? Are we so great at spotting the right companies and winning business models? Or do we make them winners by the mere fact that we are backing them versus other start-ups... read more
Robert Whitby-Smith, Partner
The relentless pace of automation will increase in 2018. Whilst automation and technological innovation offer the best chance of solving the big societal issues including demographic change, access to healthcare, climate change and resource scarcity – we must be mindful of the social impact. What... read more
Dr Christoph Ruedig
Christoph Ruedig, Partner
Clayton Christensen in his seminal book The Innovator’s Dilemma describes how industries were being disrupted and companies forced out of business by new entrants that were using superior technology. While Christensen focused on manufacturing, his observations hold true for services. Software and... read more
Patient Capital Review
Will Fraser-Allen, Deputy Managing Partner
VCTs were introduced in 1995 to encourage individuals to invest in UK smaller businesses in a tax efficient way. They have been a success story and there is currently £4.2bn invested in VCTs, supporting 1,100 businesses in the United Kingdom.  VCT demand has risen significantly in recent years,... read more
The importance of culture
Ed Lascelles, Partner, Head of Technology Investment – Albion Capital
What did Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, mean when he said at Davos in 2016, “Speed is the new currency of business”? And why did he say it? We continue to see industries all around us evolve at unprecedented rates, disrupted by new business models enabled by innovative technologies. This... read more