Promoting female wealth through venture capital webinar

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Webinar: Promoting female wealth through venture capital

Live webinar on 12 October 2023


For advisers and their clients




Did you know that women will own most of Britain's wealth in the near future? Research from the Centre for Economic and Business revealed that 60% of UK wealth will be in women’s hands by 2025.


Research also shows interesting patterns that affects women’s appetite for investing:

  • Lack investment confidence: This is stopping women from actively managing their money and tend to favour cash (FCA Financial Lives survey)
  • Longer-term needs: Women on average outlive men, meaning their investments need to go further
  • Patient investors: Women hold funds for 10.7 years on average compared with 8.3 years for men (Boring Money)
  • ESG minded: 70% of female investors said they took sustainability into account compared with 58% of male investors (UBS Sentiment Survey)

These themes point towards an opportunity for more females to diversify away from traditional allocations and discover the merits of alternative investments like venture capital. With women investors underrepresented in this space, Albion is hosting a webinar to get participants acquainted with venture capital investing.

The webinar is designed to be an informative and thought-provoking session on opportunities to diversify female investment portfolios.


  • Neeta Patel, Non Executive Director, Board Adviser, ex-CEO at Centre for Entrepreneurs
  • Cat McDonald, Investment Director at Albion
  • Bryony Butler, Business Development Manager at Albion
  • Will Fraser-Allen, Managing Partner at Albion (moderator)


Key take-aways:

  • An understanding of private market investing and venture capital 
  • What venture capital funds invest in and real examples of companies
  • How venture capital investing fits into the ESG lens
  • How venture capital trusts are used as a vehicle to access venture capital opportunities

We would love for you and your clients to join us in this discussion.