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How Covid-19 progress catalyses a wave of healthtech investment opportunities

Albion Capital's Christoph Ruedig considers how vaccine success stories are highlighting the pharma industry’s rapid transformation and progress through the challenges of 2020 and the many untapped investment opportunities.

The Covid-19 crisis has disrupted clinical trials around the globe, many of which are investigating treatments for life-threatening diseases such as cancer. Yet the disease is also proving to be a catalyst that may transform the pharma industry’s approach to trials for good, creating a wave of attractive investment opportunities among young healthtech companies.

For good reason, the pharmaceutical industry is cautious with new approaches and, critics would say, has been slow to adopt technology throughout clinical trials. Often, the biggest competitor to automation is still paper. Covid-19 has presented the clinical trial industry with considerable short-term challenges, which threaten a large proportion of pharmaceutical companies’ drug development programs with delays and cost overruns, and which is forcing changes to methods of setting up and conducting clinical trials.

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