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Access to Innovation series: Elliptic and crypto assets

The mention of a venture capital trust (VCT) might conjure up thoughts of tax efficient investing for those familiar with it. For Albion, it’s so much more. To us, the focus should be on what’s inside these trusts - the young companies are the real gems of our VCTs. Companies that investors may never have heard of and would otherwise have no access to. 

It’s about accessing innovation and backing visionary founders. Helping to cultivate their success as they enhance or disrupt their industries, creating growth potential for those with a stake in their businesses. 

Start-ups can be a risky business, and some companies excel more than others, but their entrepreneurial journeys are equally interesting. Our “Access to Innovation” series gives access to the journeys of these companies as well as unique insight into their sector.

The first in the series is a conversation between Albion’s Jay Wilson and Dr. James Smith, founder of Elliptic. Asked to summarise what Elliptic does, James remarks that his dinner line is “I fight crime in crypto.”